Guitarists! Who would you like to see here at the PSoM?

We’ve had the luxury of bringing several great, world-class guitarists to our facility for clinics and concerts.  In the past, we’ve had artists like Chris Poland (Ohm, Megadeth,) Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats,) Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) Tom Quayle and Andy Wood (Down From Up.)  This is something that used to be common, back when I was a kid–usually music stores and major manufacturers would get together to host events that were both performance and education based.  I always had a great time!  With the way the economy and marketplace has changed, manufacturers get involved with these sorts of things–but we’ve found that artists still love to teach and perform, and we, as customers ourselves, are willing to pay to see them.

We try to balance the expenses of events so that they cover all of their costs, and pay the artist his correct rate–so much like our tuition, we’re striving to keep the costs to a minimum–without that meaning that we have to seat 150 people and make anyone uncomfortable!

Generally speaking, clinic and concert events tend to cost between $5 and $30.  We typically offer one price to our students, and another price to the public, but we try to keep both totally reasonable.  Master classes can be $50 or more–but so we’re clear, those are events for more advanced students (and our teachers tend to be paying guests of these events as well!) and are hosted by some of the elite musicians in our industry.  Thus far, we’ve never collected a dime for our school from a Master Class.  They’re going to be expensive enough, considering we always keep them to small groups.

It strikes me that at the moment, we have no events on the books!  Who would you like to see?  Who would get you up off the couch and into our room for some mind-blowing music? We are pretty in-touch with what makes a great guitar event.  We’d love to get your ideas as well!

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